Why Millennials are Moving to San Antonio

August 25, 2018    By: kkoval


Millennials are Moving to San Antonio

Millennials are choosing to move to San Antonio for many reasons. The economy, the culture, the tech scene, the food scene, and the overall cost of living. Read on to discover why San Antonio just happens to be so attractive to millennials and why you should consider Sitterle San Antonio if you’re looking for a home in the greater San Antonio area.

The Economy

The economy in San Antonio is thriving and this is no surprise. There are several companies investing lots of money into the business scene and this is in turn creating a large number of jobs with great pay, excellent benefits, and an ever-present startup culture where one can thrive in their new job. Overall, the economy is projected to continue booming and will ultimately be a tech hub of its own in the coming years.

The Culture

The culture in San Antonio is one which is both still very much locally focused and at the same time welcoming to innovation. There are a number of benefits to this dynamic where the everyone seems to benefit. This dynamic is the juxtaposition of classic San Antonio mixed with innovative San Antonio. The residents enjoy the best of both worlds and the cultures will continue to coexist and thrive with one another, helping each other out every step of the way.

The Tech Scene

The tech scene is also continuing to grow at a very rapid rate. The number of startups throughout the greater San Antonio area is exponentially expanding and will produce some very fascinating, useful, and futuristic solutions for our modern-day problems. We certainly look forward to all of the innovative and exciting things happenings right now in the local San Antonio startup scene.

The Food Scene

The food scene is fantastic in San Antonio. You have your classic Tex-Mex items, yet you also have plenty of new, exciting, tasty restaurants and food trucks to indulge in. These restaurants and food trucks are bringing their local cuisine from all around the world to the city of San Antoni and it’s proving to be a phenomenally delicious process where both vendors and customers are extremely satisfied with the end result.

The Cost of Living

The cost of living in San Antonio is quite affordable, even with all of the outside investment. Comparatively speaking, the cost of living difference between San Antonio and Los Angeles is anywhere from 24% – 122% higher in Los Angeles than San Antonio. The ability to effectively save money and still have an excellent time living in a magnificent, growing city is an easy decision for many choosing to relocate to San Antonio.

Choosing Sitterle San Antonio for Your New Home

If you’re a millennial and are seeking an excellently designed, affordable home, you may want to consider Sitterle’s beautiful residential community. We have some of the best quality homes in the greater San Antonio area and our homes are perfectly suited for those looking to start a family and truly grow into their home. Feel free to contact us to schedule a viewing and we’ll be sure to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!