Why a Move-In Ready Home is a Great Idea

February 8, 2018    By: kkoval

Family moving in into a move-in ready home !Are you eager to make a move and have your heart set on new construction? Sitterle’s move-in ready homes are a great alternative to waiting to build.

The Decisions are already made
Sitterle professional designers chose the specifics of your home! The flooring and countertops, the wall colors and stonework options appeal to the tastes of a wide range of personal preferences without the stress of making those choices. Making a multitude of micro-decisions can become overwhelming and mind-boggling but in choosing a “move-in-ready” home, the work is done by the industry professional! Enjoy a  beautiful home now with no decisions, no disagreements, no confusion, no stress!

Time Constraints Are Eased
Your life and family won’t be subjected to time-constraints that disrupt school and work. Moving can be stressful all on its own. For your family, moving sooner rather than later may be the better option. Get settled into home, school, and community without the added stress of a build schedule.

Construction Delays Are Not An Issue
Having a home built can sometimes mean delays.  Rain during certain phases of the build process can mean weeks lost and it becomes a waiting game to determine when certain processes can begin again. Move-in-ready homes eliminate the frustration and disappointment that custom-home buyers can sometimes experience due to weather-related building challenges.

Interim Living Concerns Do Not Exist
Moving from California to Texas in November with the expectation of your build being completed by Thanksgiving can be stressful. Recent extreme weather could have perhaps put a job on a delayed schedule.   “Where do we stay in the meantime” could become a really big deal. Some people move in with friends or relatives while they wait for their home’s completion, or you may have to find temporary housing. Neither option is ideal. Storing your belongings is an added expense, not to mention the work involved with multiple moves. Move-in-ready homes provide an ideal option regardless of what moving circumstances a family is facing.

Sitterle Homes has a great selection of move-in ready homes. Browse through our “move-in-ready selection where square-footage options range from just over 1,800 square feet to over 4,000 square feet of exquisite beauty!