What Wonderful News for Esperanza!

May 10, 2016    By: kkoval

An elementary school is in our very near future.  We are working on a piece to have ready for the Grand Opening that tells everyone what this bond election means for the residents of Esperanza.  Boerne ISD does not intend to build a middle school in Esperanza.  The superintendant decided it was not enough land for both schools.  As you can read in the bond article above the Middle School is now planned for somewhere on the east side of Boerne which is still a benefit to the kiddos who will be residing in Esperanza.  Please make changes as needed to your marketing material.  We will be doing the same and will provide you with any new pieces we create.  Thanks for your hard work!  Let’s make sure and spread the positive word about walking your little ones to school in Esperanza.