Things to Do in Austin: Sitterle’s Guide

April 5, 2018    By: kkoval


Things to Do in Austin: An Amazing City!

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States at the moment and we’re sure to see exponentially higher growth as the years progress. In this guide, we’ll be discussing the amazing things to do in the greater Austin, Texas area and why you should consider moving to this fantastic city! Enjoy!

Things to Do in Austin On the Weekend

Austin is often one of the choices for many seeking a weekend getaway and with this being said, there are tons of weekend warrior actitivites to entertain, feast on, and participate in. Some of these activities range from the plethora of food trucks and delicious brick-and-mortar restaurants where you’ll be able to find everything from poke to southern comfort food to exotic fusion restaurants to dive into.

The nightlife scene is equally entertaining as well. There are a large number of exciting clubs, dance halls, bars, venues and live music to share experiences with family and friends. Enjoy some of the festivities on Rainey St. or experience a night out on 6th st. to have a glimpse of Austin’s weekend “Las Vegas Strip” equivalent.

Additionally, you’ll be able to explore nature during the weekend, all within a five minute drive to the nearest fresh-water swimming pool, hike, river, etc… All of these amazing activities are within an arm’s reach from downtown and you’ll surely appreciate such greenery, freshness, and cool water activities after basking in the hot, summer sun!

Things to Do in Austin During the Week

The activities during the week you’ll be able to enjoy range from exploring the tasteful art museums or enhancing your history knowledge with a pass to the Texas History Museum or The Blanton Art Museum at The University of Texas. There are a wide range of conferences throughout most weeks as well in the Austin city limits. During the week, there’s plenty to do, see, hear, and eat; it’s ultimately up to you with how you’d like to craft your perfect week-long trip in Austin, Texas.

Best Food Trucks in Austin, Texas

Some of the best food trucks in Austin are the most unique. There’s everything from Gordough’s to Arlo’s, which is a nationally acclaimed, vegan food truck. You’ll surely find a food truck which suits your palate and discover some new tasty treats along the way!

Things to Do in Austin with the Kids

Kid-friendly activities are everywhere in Austin, Texas. There are many opportunities for both you and the kids to have a great time! Everything from swimming activities, to indoor rock-climbing, to interactive art exhibits. Austin, Texas has some of the best activities for both children and adults.

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