The Tech Scene in San Antonio

June 30, 2018    By: kkoval


Current Challenges with San Antonio’s Technological Growth

One of the most prominent issues hindering San Antonio’s growth in developing its tech startup scene is lack of skilled programmers. Because of the gap in available skill, finding the right employees to scale is a challenge.

This is not in relationship to lack of potential of full stack coders / software developers, but in retaining them. San Antonio graduate students and even bright High School students often look elsewhere for employment. One study found, almost all officers in the computer society at UT Austin, were from San Antonio.

Knowing this, greater emphasis should set in place to foster a the tech culture – rather than pay ridiculous amounts to poach people externally. One pioneer in training this space is Rackspace – a cloud computing company based in a San Antonio suburb.

Other Tech Concerns that Need to be Addressed

Another issue the city is facing is in defining problems. Congressman Will Hurd said “To create an ecosystem… you’ve got to have problems to solve, and you’ve got to have people that can solve them.”

Instead of focusing energy on solving trendy Silicon Valley tech problems, San Antonio must first invest in its current situation. San Antonio has a wealth of cyber security companies and that is as good as a place as ever to develop.

Ways People are Addressing the Tech Problem

Rackspace’s approach to the issue is in creating an open cloud academy to help train people to work on coding problemings. This is in direct relationship in training entry-level linux administration jobs. This is a perfect example in nurturing a tech culture.

Another pioneer, Diego Capeletti, the Coordinator at the Center of Innovation, organizes an annual undergraduate startup competition. 20 teams typically enter and the final team gets to pitch their idea to Tech Symposium. The winner receives a $5,000 cash prize, plus legal help including – public relations, office space and in creating patents.

How Does San Antonio and Austin Technological Cultures Compare?

Austin as most know is hot in the tech world. They host South by Southwest every year and are home to some big tech giants – Google, Facebook, Dell, Apple.

With this said, San Antonio isn’t trying to compete with the Texas’ Capitol. The city of San Antonio is moving their lens inward to finds ways to grow their existing infrastructure. San Antonio believes fostering a friendly competition could end in benefiting both communities at a region level.

Tech Companies to Know in San Antonio

Here’s a list of three of the biggest tech/cyber security companies in San Antonio:

Merge VR is a San Antonio based VR company. They rolled out their new Merge cube. This cube works with Merge VR/AR Goggles and other VR headsets.

Scaleworks is a venture equity company that supports local startups and large businesses. Companies involved included filestack, assembla, chargify, Follow Up, Mail Fun, Qualaroo, and Earth Class Mail.

Jungle Disk is a data security and backup provider. They have 30 employees. Their data security services are designed for small businesses.

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