San Antonio Humane Society: Adopt a Fuzzy Friend for Your New Home

August 10, 2018    By: kkoval


Why Adopting Helps the San Antonio Community

Adopting an animal is a noble act which not only benefits you and your family with a loving, fuzzy friend; it also benefits the animal tremendously. The benefits of adoption range far and wide, yet one fo the top benefits is being able to provide a safe and loving home for an animal in need. To do such an act demonstrates one’s kindness and caring abilities. We know you have those characteristics already, so why not expand upon them and adopt a cat or dog for your new home here at Sitterle San Antonio? Read on to discover the many joys of pet ownership and why you should grow into your home with a new pet. Enjoy!

Benefits of Adopting Dogs in San Antonio

A stray dog can be a danger both to itself and others if not properly rescued and cared for. For this reason, and many other reasons, you should consider adopting a dog of your choice to introduce to your loving home. The benefits of owning a dog create a true bond between us as humans and the canine species. There’s an indescribable love many dog owners begin to develop and it’s something we hope you’ll have the joy of experiencing. Here is a link to the local San Antonio Humane Society’s current dogs available for adoption. We know once you click through to their site, it’ll be difficult to not want to adopt a dog as soon as possible!

Benefits of Adopting Cats in San Antonio

Cats are sly and sneaky yet fun and lovable. Stray cats have the dangerous lives of avoiding the harsh elements of San Antonio and the potential to be attacked by wild animals. Be your future cat’s hero and adopt one (or many) from the San Antonio Humane Society. We know you’ll love them all, but just choose one for you and your family to grow up with and they will be a friend for life. Here is a link to the current cats available for adoption from the San Antonio Humane Society. Have fun!

Choosing Sitterle San Antonio for You, Your Family, and Your New Pet

Having a new pet with your new house is a perfect combination. You, your family, and your new pet will all love the space and have plenty of fun in one of our beautiful, excellently designed, Sitterle San Antonio community homes. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our various residences and we’ll be sure to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!