Population Demographics – Katy, TX New Homes Resource

July 23, 2015    By: mramirez

The homes for sale in Katy, TX are bought by people from all walks of life. To get a better idea of the community makeup in Katy, we have created an area demographic overview that also includes specifics for the Roesner Woods by Sitterle Homes area.


77494 Demographics

These are the statistics to know when considering the new homes 77494 region, which includes areas outside the Katy, TX city limits. As you can see by the demographics Katy is an affluent area that’s family friendly.


Population: 69,334

Median Age: 34

Median Household Income: $119,326

Average Household Net Worth: $862,142

Married With Children: 59.4%

Bachelor’s Degree or Higher: 29,944

Percentage of New Residents (moved to 77494 within the last year): 18%


Katy, TX Demographics

The statistics below encompass the entire city of Katy, TX.


Population: 15,814

Median Age: 36

Median Household Income: $92,972

Median Household Net Worth: $639,960

Percentage of New Residents (moved to Katy within the last year): 17%

The populations of both 77494 and Katy have incomes and a household net worth that is well above the Texas average. However, the median age and percentage of new residents are on par with the rest of the state.