Need to Know Information for People Buying New Homes for Sale in Flushear, TX

September 18, 2015    By: mramirez


Houston new home sales aren’t exactly the same as buying a resale. When you purchase a new, custom home in a community like The Pond at Cross Creek Ranch instead of moving in right away you can build a home to your exact specifications. This of course will mean that from the time you sign a contract it could be a few months before you move in.


While you’re waiting for your home to be customized and finalized you can get everything else lined up.



Solid Waste and Recycling – These will need to be set up with the City of Fulshear.

Water and Sewer – The city contracts out water and sewer service to Severn Trent Services. To establish an account you’ll need to contact them at 281.579.4500.

Television, Phone and Internet Service – Currently four telecommunication providers serve Fulshear: AT&T, Comcast, DirecTV and Dish Network.


Gas – CenterPoint Energy provides natural gas service in Fulshear. You can call them at 713-659-2111 to set up service.


Electricity – Fulshear is in a deregulated area of Texas which means homeowners can choose among a number of electric providers. Visit to find current providers and plans.


Emergency Services

It’s always important to know how to contact emergency services in the event you need assistance or have questions about burn bans, wild animals, etc.


Fulshear Police – 281-346-2202


Fulshear Fire Department – 281-346-2800


Animal Control – 281-342-1512


City Hall – 281-346-1796


Department of Public Safety – 281-232-4334

It’s also a good idea for all homeowners to familiarize themselves with the latest city ordinances, which can be found online at the Fulshear city website.