Move Into Your New Boerne TX Home in Esperanza Stress Free

March 9, 2017    By: kkoval

Eight Tips for Getting Ready for a Stress-Free Move into Your Boerne TX Home

Spring Cleaning Your New Boerne TX Home - The Village of Encinal at Esperanza

Whether you’re ready to move into your new Boerne, TX home in the Esperanza master planned community in a few months or a few weeks, it’s always a good idea to get ahead of the big day with a little preparation and spring cleaning.

We’ve put together a list of top tips we share with home buyers to help them make the move into their new home easy and stress-free.

  1. Start with the closets and attic. Whether you have a growing family or you’re getting ready to be empty nesters or somewhere in between, chances are you’ve accumulated a few extra things you don’t need and they are stuffed away in the closets or attic. Now is a good time to go through all of them and donate those clothes you never wear, or the sporting equipment you no longer use, and whatever miscellaneous items you don’t want showing up in your new home.
  2. Head to the cupboards next. Same thing goes here, remove all of the items you no longer use or need and add them to the donate or throw away bins.  And while you are at it, dust and clean the insides and outsides of the cupboards.  This will be especially helpful if you are preparing to sell your current home prior to moving into your new Esperanza home in Boerne, TX.
  3. Get your paperwork organized. Be sure to get all household files and paperwork or any other important documents neatly organized and ready to move so you don’t have to sort through items or piles of paperwork to try to find anything you need before, during or after your move in. This will make setting up any home office a breeze as well.
  4. Touch up walls and baseboards. If you are selling your current home or plan to rent it out, you’ll want to cover up the nicks, nail holes and other blemishes on the walls and clean up your baseboards if this isn’t something you do on a regular basis.  Your realtor may even recommend painting some walls, but for now, just focus on getting it looking neat and clean.
  5. Deep clean the fridge and pantry.  Throw away any dated items and start using up what you can before you move so you can make a fresh start in your beautiful new gourmet Sitterle Homes kitchen.
  6. Keep boxes on hand and start packing up what you can. If there are items you won’t need before your move such as decorations, pictures, books or photo albums, start getting those things packed up now.  If you have movers coming to do it all for you, pack up any personal or breakable items that you don’t plan to have the movers pack and transport.
  7. Dust and sweep everything. No one loves to dust, but with some of the items removed and already packed up this should be a little easier, just don’t forget to dust and sweep behind, under and on top of furniture, appliances, and cupboards.
  8. Label all boxes. Whether you’re moving yourself or your mover is doing it for you, be sure to put the corresponding room and contents on all boxes to make it easier to get to what you need first when unpacking in your new home.

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