LOVE Boerne Neighborhoods Community Work Day

May 10, 2016    By: kkoval

Boerne Community Coalition

“A Boerne Community Coalition working together to improve the lives of chlidren and familes by providing food, enrichment opportunities, access to benefitss/services and a supportive network, which helps with critical home repairs, increasing safety.”

Three days prior to the LOVE Boerne Neighborhoods Community Work Day, the Boerne Community Coalition met, and although they didn’t have enough funds, materials or donations to get the job done, they were going to do what they could. After learning about our efforts to help the coalition, they deemed our donation “a true gift from God!” A few other companies came through with small material donations the next day and the coalition was able to complete everything that they committed to do! The Boerne Community team had upwards to 50 volunteers come out and work on three homes in the Shady Rest neighborhoods on Saturday, April 9th.

Some of the restorations included;

  • Replaced insulation in two of the homes with water damage from leaks in the roof and walls.
  • Reconstructed the side of one home that was only protected by a tarp.
  • Replaced a broken and leaky toilet and the damaged floor due to the persistent leak.
  • Tore out interior walls in one room that had water damage.
  • Installed new insulation and wall board.
  • Installed a porch with a riser making it safer for kids to get in and out of the home.
  • Fixed an electrical problem which caused a family to be without overhead lights for a year and a half.

The Boerne Community Coalition just completed their website, which highlights both of their programs, LOVE Boerne Kids (feeding and enrichment) and LOVE Boerne Neighborhoods (network and support).  We have recently been recognized by the organization on their website as a sponsor for the event and also in the press releases that went out in the local newspapers.

There are two more LOVE Boerne Neighborhood Community Works this year – September 17th in the Graham Street Area, also known as the “Flats,” and November 12th in the Walnut Hills area (both in Boerne), and we hope to be a part of those successes as well!