Learn Why Millennials Choose Garden Homes to Better Fit Their Active Lifestyles

December 15, 2016    By: mbrutsche

Millennials are becoming one of the largest purchasers of new homes, with 35 percent of homes sold in the U.S. last year being purchased by this age group according to the National Association of Realtors. Considering that the median age of the millennial generation is 25, and the average age of a first-time home buyer is 31, there is certainly a growing number of millennial homebuyers that will be looking for their ideal first home. What does the ideal home look like for millennials? Contrary to the notion that millennials only want an urban lifestyle, many are actually turning to well-planned communities that offer a single family garden home as their first home. Sitterle Homes shares insight into why millennials are choosing garden homes to fit their active lifestyles.

Low maintenance living is key. A garden home community typically offers homes with zero lot lines with lawn and landscape maintenance that is covered by HOA dues. Millennials want to maintain a more carefree lifestyle and by removing the hassle of yard maintenance, weekends can be spent enjoying more of their favorite activities. The more manageable size of garden homes also means less time spent cleaning, adding to the ease of upkeep.

Proximity to work and play is also important as many millennials look for communities that offer easy access to major roadways and public transportation in order to reduce commute times to work as well as area conveniences and amenities.

Garden home communities also offer a number of amenities that appeal to the millennial homebuyer, including green space, hike and bike trails, parks, recreation centers and more.


Although the cost per square foot may be more than a larger home in suburban neighborhoods, the total price for a garden home is often lower and the homebuyer will have less property taxes with a zero lot line home. The smaller home footprint can also equate to lower utility bills, helping millennial homebuyers achieve cost savings and reduce their environmental impact.


The affordability of garden homes also helps ensure a better overall lifestyle for the millennial homebuyer who wants the value of a new home but also be able to budget more of their paycheck toward the experiences and activities they love.


Sitterle Homes offers award-winning garden homes in the most sought-after communities in Central Texas, perfect for millennial homebuyers looking for all the amenities of a master-planned community with low-maintenance homes that better fit their active lifestyles.