Lawn Care Tips for Your San Antonio Home

August 5, 2018    By: kkoval


Lawn Care in Texas

Lawn care in Texas can prove to be an interesting topic. This is mainly due to the fact Texas can experience some extreme temperature differences throughout the year and this can potentially allow your lawn to either flourish or become damaged under the heat of the sun. However, we at Sitterle homes have some great tips and tricks to ensure your new home’s lawn remains intact and has the healthiest, green appearance and quality as possible. Read on to discover how with these methodologies, your lawn will be in the best shape it’s even been in and your neighbors will be green with envy. Enjoy!

How Lawns are Different in the State of Texas

As mentioned above, the lawns throughout the state of Texas endure a wide range of elements across a complete calendar year. Through this brute force of heat, rain, wind, and sometimes snow during the winter months, it’s now wonder many choose an artificial lawn or a stone garden for their front and/or backyard. However, we know there’s nothing quite like lush, green grass between your toes during a warm, summer evening. So we want you to be able to experience the simple joys of some bountiful amounts of grass throughout your residence. One of the most important aspects of lawn maintenance you can do is watering and mowing your lawn appropriately.

Watering & Mowing Your Lawn Appropriately

When choosing to water your lawn, you’ll want to be sure to properly select the days of the week to water and the amount of water to douse your grass with. This doesn’t have to be complicated. The main rule of thumb is to water your grass when it’s hot outside on a more consistent basis and reducing the amount of water when natural rain, moisture, and humidity occurs. If you treat your lawn similarly to how you would respond if you were subjected to certain weather patterns and environments, you’ll do just fine.

As for the mowing aspect of your lawn care, many people enjoy the look of putting green shortness when it comes to mowing their lawn. This is not the way to go according to LawnStarter. They suggest you trim no more than a third of the blade of grass at any given time due to the sometimes sensitive nature of the grass itself. If you trim the grass blades too short, it can cause the root of the grass blade to become damaged and result in dead grass over time. Avoid mowing your grass extremely short and you’ll be able to maintain its life for theoretically forever as long as consistently good conditions and maintenance is adhered to.

Choosing Sitterle Homes for Your New Home with a Beautiful Lawn

When selecting Sitterle for your new home, you can rest assured we’ll present to you your home with the finest lawn available. As you begin to enjoy your new home, don’t forget to implement these tips and tricks to help extend the life of your lawn. Having a green, grassy lawn is a luxury in life and it should be treated as such. We want you to enjoy each and every aspect of our homes, all the way from the front-yard to the back-yard. Feel free to contact us to learn more about settling in to one of our gorgeous, new homes here in the Sitterle San Antonio community and we’ll be sure to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!