Helotes demographics and area city data information

September 18, 2015    By: mramirez

Buyers looking for new homes in San Antonio, TX will find that Helotes has a lot to offer. But what about the city itself? The demographics and data below will help you decide if one of the new homes near 78023 is right for your family.


Geographic Data

Proximity to downtown San Antonio: 16 miles

Land area: 7.11 square miles

People per square mile: 1,140 (low rating)

Elevation: 794 feet above sea level



If you are looking at Helotes homes for sale then there’s going to be buyer competition. In the last few decades the population of the small town has exploded going from:

·      2,229 in 1999

·      7, 341 in 2010

·      8,104 in 2013


Median resident age is 40 years old, and over 62% of the population is married. Currently 54% of households have three or more people. The median household income is well above average at $89,732.



Housing has dramatically changed in the last 15 years as premier builders like Sitterle Homes have developed world-class communities such as Triana. The median home value for 2014 was $254,508, which is up significantly from $154,400 in 2000.



Helotes is one of the most educated cities in Texas. Within the population that’s 25 and older 95.15% attained a high school degree, an impressive 51% attained a bachelors degree and 21.55% have a graduate degree or higher.