Great Herb Garden Ideas for Your New Sitterle Garden Home

December 15, 2016    By: mbrutsche

Whether you have a green thumb or not, growing an herb garden is a fun and easy way to add some greenery both inside and out to new garden homes. Herbs are also edible, which means your plants will be both beautiful and delicious. They’re a perfect way to spice up your cooking in your Sitterle Homes gourmet kitchen. We’ve shared a few helpful garden home gardens ideas to get you on your way to planning and planting.

Start Simple – If this is your first attempt at planting an herb gardening, then start small before planning an entire patio herb garden. There are nine varieties that do well indoors to choose from, including basil, chives, lemongrass, thyme, parsley, mint, oregano, coriander and rosemary. The easiest and fastest growing is basil. Be sure to select plants or seedlings that have been grown indoors, as herbs already growing outside may experience shock or have stunted growth after being brought inside. You can also start from seed, but if this is your first-time planting herbs you may want to start with something already growing to save you the trouble.


Decorate with Herbs – Clever planters can also make great décor for your new garden home. Buy some cute terra cotta pots or wooden planters with a chalkboard on them (or buy chalkboard decals) and write what you are growing on each one. A fun do-it-yourself idea is to use a piece of reclaimed wood and attach mason jars to it using copper pipe clamps. Then, fill it with soil and herbs and hang these near a kitchen window for a shabby chic or rustic look.

Patio Herb Gardens – If you’re ready to jump right into designing a beautiful patio herb garden, then you’ll want to keep a few of these tips in mind. Most of the same plants that do well indoors also do well outside in Central Texas, including mint, oregano, marjoram, parsley, basil, bay, chives, lavender, rosemary, sage, tarragon, thyme, cilantro, Purple Coneflower, and garlic. Be sure to only plant herbs that require the same soil type, water and sun exposure in the same pot. If you have the room, it’s best to use separate planters or pots so one herb doesn’t overtake another.

Space Saving Herb Gardens – Growing an herb garden inside or out should complement a space not overwhelm it. Wall planters with individual containers are ideal space savers for herb gardens that add beauty to a room or patio. Decorative tiered wooden or wrought iron shelves are perfect for growing different potted herbs.

Caring for Your Herb Garden – There are several important tips to keep in mind when planting and caring for your herbs. Basil is a good trainer plant for learning about how much to water and prune an herb for optimal growth. Be sure to use well drained soil and if your planter does not have a hole for drainage or a drainage system, then add small pebbles or gravel to the bottom of your planter. Herbs do not require the same amount of watering as many houseplants. Remember to let the soil dry before watering. Yellowing leaves are a sign of too much water. And be sure to prune your herbs regularly, taking from the top not the bottom, to keep your plants growing healthily. If you are using these to cook, that shouldn’t be a problem!

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