Fall Design Tips Every San Antonio Homeowner Needs to Know

October 26, 2016    By: mramirez

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As the heat of summer fades and cooler days prevail, fall is a great time to look at making a few changes to refresh the look of your home. Whether it’s changing up wall colors, redecorating a room or two, or even just adding a few special pieces to complete a look, San Antonio home builders, Sitterle Homes, shares some of the top fall design tips owners of new homes in San Antonio should know.


Bring the Outside In – While traditionally only considered patio furniture, if you’re a fan of the weaved or wicker look, why not bring the outside in? Try adding unique pieces like a weaved coffee table or side table or even a lamp with metallic paint inside to give your home a summery feel even in the fall.


Liven Up with Rich Jewel Tones – Popular colors vary from season to season, but rich jewel tones including indigo, fuchsia, peacock blue and emerald green are trending this fall. Add a few splashes of these rich colors to a neutral room with pillows, rugs or décor pieces to liven up a space.


The Grays Have It – The rising popularity of gray as the neutral color of choice is evident in many modern homes. Its versatility and variety of shades make it the go-to color for creating a subtle yet refined look in a room on cabinetry, countertops, or flooring.


Less is Definitely More – Oversized furniture was certainly popular in the past, but the focus should be on finding the right pieces that add personality to a room and create an inviting, comfortable space. Choose furniture that fits a room not overcrowds it.


Boldly Go Where Colors Run Deep – Like the smell of cinnamon or fresh baked apple pie, fall certainly has its traditional colors that add a sense of warmth to a room. If you want a more traditional fall look, add deep saturated shades of red, orange, yellow or gray-browns to pillows, throws, wall coverings, rugs or even paint the walls for a lasting effect.


Midcentury Modern Meets Rustic – These seemingly mismatched styles have recently come together to create a look that focuses on the blending of reclaimed pieces with midcentury features like metal legs to offer a modern, natural appeal to the formerly heavy rustic pieces. Try incorporating a coffee table, dining table, console table or shelving to give a room more modern rustic look this fall.


Contact Sitterle Homes award-winning design team for even more tips on how to give new homes in San Antonio a fresh look this fall.