Boerne, TX area demographics new residents need to know

October 20, 2015    By: mramirez

Boerne, TX Area Demographics New Residents Need to Know

The city of Boerne has grown and evolved a lot in recent years. There are now more new homes for sale in Boerne, TX, a growing number of entertainment options and a renewed focus on family-friendly activities. If you’re looking at new homes in San Antonio but are interested in what Boerne has to offer one of the first things to consider are the demographics. This will provide insight on who lives in the city and what it will be like to live here.


Boerne Demographic Information


Current: 12,835

The city population has grown by more than 21% in the last four years. According to a recent Nielsen report the areas within 5 miles of the city center are also expected to see an increase in residents. The overall population has slightly more females (52.7%) than males.


There is a good mix of ages living in Boerne and a growing number of people under 18 years old. Currently 25.6% of the population are minors and 17% are 65 or older. The largest population group is aged 45-54. The median age in 2013 was 38.8 years old, and the average age was 39.7.



Over 36% of the Boerne population has a bachelors degree or higher. Over 89.5% of residents have a high school education or higher.


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