Avoid These Six New Home Buying Mistakes and Find Your Dream Sitterle Home

December 15, 2016    By: mbrutsche

Buying or building your dream home is an exciting time and often filled with emotion that can sometimes cloud buying decisions. Sitterle Homes has put our more than 50 years of experience as a premier San Antonio home builder to work to help you better navigate the home buying process and avoid mistakes while finding the ideal community and Sitterle home for you. Here are the top home buying mistakes to avoid.

  1. Not Doing Your Research – While the Internet has made it incredibly easy to research new home communities, and as a leading home builder Sitterle Homes makes as much information available as possible, there is no substitute for visiting your prospective community and builder in person. Drive the neighborhood, spend time talking to homeowners and discover for yourself what you’ll love about living in a particular community.

  1. Putting the Home Before the Loan – While it isn’t as fun as touring model homes and picking out floorplans, it’s important to put first things first. Getting pre-approved for a loan helps you understand what you’ll be able to spend when it comes to buying a new home and enables you to make the best financial decision versus strictly an emotional one.

  1. Spending the Max – Lenders will qualify you for the maximum loan amount, but that doesn’t mean you should go for the gusto. Create a budget and decide realistically on what you want to spend each month as well as consider any short-term life changes that might affect that spend.

  1. Being too Shy to Ask the Professionals – Getting a professional to help will make your life easier and save you headaches in the end. Ask friends or family for references for a real estate agent, loan officers, builders, etc., and work with these professionals to get your questions answered in advance of making your purchase.

  1. Spending All Your Savings – While you’ll need to put down a down payment on your new home, this shouldn’t deplete your savings. Using up your savings is too big of risk to lower your mortgage payment. Work with your lender to make the right decisions for your financial well-being.

  1. Seeking Additional Loans Before the Closing – This is not the time to buy a new car or take out other loans for furniture or other items. Lenders will pull credit reports just prior to the closing on a new home and new loans can jeopardize the closing if the lender deems them a credit risk.

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