7 Things to Love About Houston Area Neighborhoods

July 23, 2015    By: mramirez

Finding a new home in Houston may be difficult because everyone seems to be moving to the city. Between 2010 and 2013 the population grew by 93,000 people, and popular suburbs like Katy, TX are growing just as quickly.


Houston has an undeniable “it” factor right now. Here are the top seven reasons why people are moving to Houston and the surrounding areas.

There Are Houston Area Neighborhoods for Everyone

Houston is the country’s most diverse city according to the U.S. census, and the Houston area neighborhoods reflect that. Within the city and the surrounding areas there are upscale condos downtown, spacious estates in Katy and Pearland, contemporary homes in the Museum district, a vibrant Chinatown and bay front properties just a short drive away.


Sporting Events

There are no shortages of sporting events in the Houston metro. During the fall football season the Texans battle it out on the gridiron. Before winter rolls around the Rockets begin playing other NBA teams at the Toyota Center. When spring starts warming up the weather the Houston Astros baseball team keeps locals entertained until football season starts again.


An Abundance of Parkland

The Houston area is far from a concrete jungle or one big oilrig. The high rises and industrial areas are balanced out by 50,600+ acres of parkland all around the area. That’s more than any other large metro. Parks and green spaces are incorporated throughout the entire metro area, giving locals ample opportunity to get out and enjoy nature.


It Has One of the Biggest Economies in the Country & It’s Getting Bigger

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for Houston is $463 billion annually. That’s a lot of production. It’s the fourth largest GDP in the U.S. and is on par with Taiwan. The oil industry is a big economic driver, but there are also many other thriving sectors, including finance and manufacturing. Combined these industries have made Houston the fastest growing economy in America.


Amazing Employment Opportunities

Because the economy is on the upswing in Houston, there are many job opportunities. The city came out of the Recession quickly thanks to all of the growth and the creation of 354,000+ jobs since 2010. As of April 2015 the unemployment rate in Houston was just 3.7%. If you prefer to be outside of The Loop Katy, The Woodlands and Sugarland are a short commute downtown.


Leading Medical Facilities

You hope to never need medical treatments, surgeries, etc., but if you do it’s good to know that world-class facilities and doctors are right next door. The Texas Medical Center is the world’s largest medical facility. There are 21 separate hospitals and eight research institutions within the center.


High Income, Low Cost of Living

There’s a double whammy in Houston that makes it a great place for anyone to live – higher than average incomes and lower than average cost of living, mainly because the cost for housing is so low. With these two factors combined Houstonians can live very comfortably and make each dollar do further, especially when they choose to live in the suburbs. When adjusted for cost of living Houston’s average income of $67,279 is adjusted up to $75,256 making it the most affordable metro in the U.S.