7 Signs Homes in The Pond at Cross Creek Ranch Are Built to Last

December 9, 2015    By: mramirez

The Fulshear home builders that work within The Pond at Cross Creek Ranch are best in class. Each one has been vetted based on their experience and past projects. As a buyer you want to make sure your new home is built to last and will hold its value. But how do you know when all new homes look good on the surface?


Community Investment

When a developer puts just as much investment in the community features as they do the homes they sell, this is a good sign that all around quality can be expected. This also indicates that the community will be kept up and improved in the future.


Plenty of Customization Options

Homes within The Ponds at Cross Creek Ranch offer buyers many ways to customize the decor, amenities, elevation and floorplan. Flexibility is a sign of the builders creativity and capabilities.


Cutting Edge Design

Homes that are completed with cutting edge design elements show that the builders stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques that buyers want.


Tight Construction

Tight construction is a technique that limits air loss and improves energy efficiency. It has proven to be a superior type of construction, and is now required to receive an ENERGY STAR build rating.


Energy Efficiency

In Texas energy efficiency is extremely important to a home’s value. Homes within The Pond at Cross Creek Ranch are built using the latest energy efficient lighting, appliances and construction materials.


Home Warranties

If a builder is confident enough to warranty their work, this is an excellent sign that you can trust a home is well-made.


Developer Reputation

A builder’s reputation is built on the quality of their past projects. Frank Sitterle has more than 50 years of experience as a custom builder in Texas. He has earned the reputation as a premier builder and continues to expand his business of Sitterle Homes over time to include a variety of luxury homes, garden homes and estates.