7 Benefits of Buying a New Home vs. Renting in Area Code 78258

November 19, 2015    By: mramirez

7 Benefits of Buying a New Home vs. Renting in Area Code 78258


Trying to decide if you should rent or buy a home in area code 78258? Here are seven benefits that can make buying a Sitterle Home the better choice.


1. Increase Your Assets

Home prices are on the rise in San Antonio, and only homeowners will reap the benefits. Instead of paying your landlord’s mortgage you can buy a home that has the potential to appreciate around 6% year-over-year.


2. Decorating Freedom

When you rent you don’t have the freedom to decorate and renovate things to your exact liking. Home ownership means you’re in control of the paint color, countertops, flooring and everything in between.


3. Tax Breaks

No matter where you live, homeowners get a number of tax deductions and credits that aren’t available to renters. Paired with no income tax, San Antonio homeowners have a good chance of getting a return during tax season.


4. Your House Payments Won’t Increase

In February the San Antonio Business Journal reported on the rising house rents in the city. With the median rental price increasing at a rate of 4% you’ll be very happy you bought a home in a few years.


5. Potential to Lower Monthly Energy Costs

In a warm environment like San Antonio energy costs can eat into your monthly budget. New homes in San Antonio are built with tight construction that helps to significantly improve energy efficiency compared to older rentals.


6. Healthier Home Environment

Another benefit to new homes in San Antonio is that they are built using healthier green materials and have better air circulation that improves air quality.


7. Feeling That You Are a Part of the Community

When you own a home there’s an improved sense of belonging like to the Salado Canyon at Rogers Ranch community and being invested in how the city develops because you own a little part of San Antonio.