10 Reasons More Families Are Relocating to San Antonio

July 23, 2015    By: mramirez

Living in San Antonio means living in one of the country’s oldest, most diverse cities. There’s so much for residents to enjoy it’s easy to see why the population has grown in the last five years. Here are the top 10 reasons why people are moving to San Antonio.

Relocation Reason #1 – Low Unemployment


As of April 2015 the unemployment rate in San Antonio is just 3.2%. That’s one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.


Relocation Reason #2 – Strong Real Estate Market


There’s no question that any downturn the San Antonio real estate market experienced during the Recession has completely turned around. The number of home sales is up, prices are increasing and demand is strong.

Relocation Reason #3 – Low Cost of Living


Despite being one of the largest metros in the U.S. with steady job growth, the cost of living in San Antonio is still below most of its peers. Recent mortgage data showed San Antonio as the most affordable metro in Texas for home buying, and Kiplinger ranked San Antonio #1 in its list of the Most Affordable Big Cities in the U.S.

Relocation Reason #4 – Variety of Homes for Sale in San Antonio


New homes in San Antonio range from estates with acreage to high-rise condos downtown. There are also many established neighborhoods, mansions and historic homes as well.


Relocation Reason #5 – Day Trips to the Hill Country


The famed Texas Hill Country is just north of San Antonio, making it an easy day trip for residents that want to explore the area’s small towns, visit vineyards or enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Relocation Reason #6 – Rich History


San Antonio has belonged to other countries, been a safe haven for refugees and it’s the home of the Alamo. There are also a number of missions that date back hundreds of years and grand historic homes that have been carefully preserved.


Relocation Reason #7 – Excellent Price Per Square Foot


The price per square foot is a good indicator of value and how much home you can get for your money. According to Realtor.com the national price per square foot is $114. In San Antonio it’s $63 per square foot.


Relocation Reason #8 – Diverse Culture and Arts Scene


San Antonio is one of the most diverse cities in the U.S. This mix of cultures and backgrounds is expressed through the city’s vibrant art scene, which includes massive outdoor art displays, numerous festivals and the San Antonio Museum of Art.


Relocation Reason #9 – Investments in Education


There are 31 institutes of higher education in San Antonio, but the city is also making strides in early education. A few years ago the city approved the Pre-K 4 SA program. This ensures that all children in San Antonio have access to pre-K early education, which has proven to make a huge difference in future learning.


Relocation Reason #10 – Great Food


No place does Tex-Mex better than San Antonio. It’s the birthplace of the puffy taco, has been featured on countless national food programs and experimentation is never off-limits.